Nick Cheung Wanted By Hong Kong Police... Check Out The Full Trailer For NIGHTFALL

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Nick Cheung Wanted By Hong Kong Police... Check Out The Full Trailer For NIGHTFALL
NIGHTFALL is an upcoming thriller starring Simon Yam and Nick Cheung. It is from director Roy Chow Hin-Yeung who made MURDERER (starring Aaron Kwok), which disappointed many viewers back in 2009. But judging by the newly released full trailer for NIGHTFALL (embedded below), his latest film looks rather promising.  

Synopsis: When a Hong Kong celebrity is found brutally murdered, his body floating in the middle of the ocean, hardheaded detective Lam is called in to take charge of the investigation. As Lam zeroes in on a killer from the past, the murder appears to be a straightforward case of revenge. But the more that Lam pursues his suspect, the deeper he falls into a web of lies. To find the truth, Lam must dig into a 20 year-old case for answers, the one link tying the suspect to the celebrity. But in doing so, Lam will uncover a dark secret so shocking; it will turn the investigation upside down. Who is the victim and who is the killer? Just as Lam believes he has everything figured out, he will discover that there's a fine line between love and hate.

By the way, the new NIGHTFALL poster that you can see here has been posted everywhere on the streets of Hong Kong, and has reportedly got some pedestrians believing that Nick Cheung is really in trouble with the law!

NIGHTFALL will be released in Australia and New Zealand cinemas by Dream Movie Australia on March 15. 
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