Kongkiat Komesiri Returns To Horror With DARK FLIGHT 3D

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Kongkiat Komesiri Returns To Horror With DARK FLIGHT 3D
A versatile writer and director, Thailand's Kongkiat Komesiri has historical epics and gritty contemporary dramas to his credit. But thanks to his involvement in the Art Of The Devil series Komesiri will likely always be viewed primarily as a horror guy and it is to horror that he returns with his latest effort: Dark Flight 3D.

It starts with a plane crash.
Everyone on board is killed, except one. Sunee, a beautiful flight attendant, escapes death almost miraculously.

After the investigation, it turns out that the plane has had several accidents before, and every time it was repaired and repainted to regain its normal condition. This confirms Sunee that the strange hallucinations she saw while working on the plane were not the product of her imagination, but actually spirits of the passengers who died on it.

Sunee finds a new job at another airline. She wants to start her life anew. But three years later, the nightmare catches up with her.  She learns that the flight that she'll operate on today will use the same aircraft that crashed three years ago. On this flight Sunee will face the terror that she cannot escape - on the plane that has become the prison for so many spirits and dead souls. This time, they're determined to take her along on their last flight.

DARK FLIGHT is the first Thai 3D horror from the team behind ART OF THE DEVIL. It promises the most terrifying experience that will make your hair stand up from beginning to end. Prepare your luggage. Prepare your courage. The flight is about to take off.
Is your luggage prepared? The first trailer for Dark Flight lurks below.

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