JUST IN TIME FOR LOVE: Woody Allen-ish Romance, Time Travel, and Texas

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JUST IN TIME FOR LOVE: Woody Allen-ish Romance, Time Travel, and Texas

As a single person of a certain age and disposition, I find the flagrantly commercial aspects of Valentine's Day to be completely repulsive. (Which may, of course, help explain my "not in a relationship" status.) In any event, I'm definitely not inclined toward romantic comedies on this day, especially, yet Jun Kang's short film Just in Time for Love (or, "Without Love I Am LARPing") feels genuinely honest and charming to me.

For one thing, it's shot in black and white; for another, it wears its Woody Allen influences on its sleeve (titles, music, comic style, and so forth); for another, it makes Dallas, my current hometown, look very good indeed; and for another, it made me laugh, which very few movies about time travel and LARPing have done.

The tireless Robert Wilonsky posted the video at Unfair Park this morning, and described it as "sort of a cross between ... oh, I dunno ... Annie Hall and Primer ... kinda?" The film follows a man (Justin Locklear) who is visited from a future version of himself after he runs into a woman (Cara Johnston) carrying a box and a goldfish in a bowl; Future Man attempts to advise Modern Man with humorous results.

It runs about 15 minutes and is embedded below. Even if you're not feeling particularly romantic today, give it a shot.

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