Have Your Say: Invent A New Character For Sacha Baron Cohen!

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Have Your Say: Invent A New Character For Sacha Baron Cohen!
Looking at our very own main page I do get the impression that people may think we do not like Sacha Baron Cohen. Which is unfortunate, as it is entirely not true. It's just that as of late, you might wonder what there is left for him to do on his current path.

Sacha became famous doing a particular brand of ambush comedy, where he would be in character and people would be either be too polite to point out to him that he was being ridiculous, or be shocked to the point of their reaction becoming funny in itself.
Starting with Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen quickly became TOO famous, so that even after a world tour he couldn't use that persona anymore. Ali G had become so commonplace that the movie version couldn't even use candid camera footage but had to be a straight character-based comedy instead.

Then there was Borat. Known to Baron Cohen fans but not yet by the general public, Borat was the ideal vessel to take Sacha's art to a new level. But again, the film was so immensely successful worldwide that it immediately extinguished the character.
While I loved the Brüno sketches in the Ali G show, that character lacked Borat's innocence and couldn't get away with everything as easily. People got mad at Brüno a lot quicker than at Borat. And again, Brüno is now too famous to ever use again.

Meanwhile his work as an actor is going strong. "The Dictator" will already be a straight comedy instead of a candid one, although recent events seem to indicate he still intends to use the persona to shock people.

Which brings me to the question in the title: what next?
Remember, be nice and this is not meant to have a bash at Sacha Baron Cohen. Just think: if he ever wants to really disappear into a new character again, and shock and fool us all with him (or her, let's not be too specific)... what would be funny?

Should he beef up and become an illegal tournament boxer? Demolish people's homes for real as an incompetent plumber?
Confuse everyone as a figure skater called Sasha Cohen?

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