VHS Doc REWIND THIS! Needs Your Help! Trailer & Kickstarter Live!

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VHS Doc REWIND THIS! Needs Your Help! Trailer & Kickstarter Live!
There has been a growing underground surge of VHS revivalism in the last few years, and nowhere is this more evident than in that movie mad town of Austin, Texas. The home of Fantastic Fest, The Alamo Drafthouse, and SXSW is the most filmcentric zone in the world, yes, even more so than Los Angeles. The reason Austin beats out LA is that while all of the business may reside on the west coast, the love of film is centered deep in the heart of Texas.

That enthusiasm for films in all of their forms and formats has inspired a group of filmmakers to dig into the historical significance of the VHS tape. We take home video for granted these days, but in the early '80s this was a huge deal. There was no streaming, no one was mailing video tapes to your house, it was all up to you. We finally had the ability to see whatever we wanted whenever we wanted without relying on repertory film screenings or late night cable selections. The power was in the hands of the people.

Rewind This! A VHS Love Story is just that, a labor of love among three fans who have spent much of their own time and money putting together this document. Normally I'm not one for pimping Kickstarter campaigns, but co-director Josh Johnson bribed me with a tape of Penelope Spheeris' Dudes at Fantastic Fest, so I'm in the bag for these guys. They just opened their final funding push to the public and released their trailer, and I want to share. This is a worthwhile project from people with a true and genuine passion for films, no matter how they see them. Plus, I see a few friends and my own local video mecca in the trailer, so that's pretty cool. 

Click the link below to help out Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell, and Christopher Palmer because I want to see this movie!
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