Sundance 2012: First Teaser For THE PACT Asks A Very Simple Question

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Sundance 2012: First Teaser For THE PACT Asks A Very Simple Question
Nicholas McCarthy's The Pact is already something of a Sundance success story. McCarthy was part of the 2011 festival with a short film of the same name, one that drew enough buzz that he was approached after the premiere and asked if he'd considered doing a feature version of the same story. As it turned out McCarthy had a script already prepared and the person asking the question had the money to back it. And so now here we are in 2012 and McCarthy is back at the festival for the second year in a row with a chilling little horror film titled The Pact, only this time it's longer.

Following their mother's death, sisters Nicole and Annie are forced to return to their memory-ridden childhood home. Annie begins searching through her mother's belongings for clues to their past life when, happening upon a picture of an unknown young woman standing beside her mother, she starts to sense an unusual presence in the house. Experiencing a series of intense and disturbing dreams, Annie begins to question the life she thought she knew as the world around her evolves into a living nightmare...
 The first teaser for this one has just arrived and it's a simple, effective little bit of work. Check it out below.

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