Patrik Eklund's FLIMMER (FLICKER) Gets Heroic

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Patrik Eklund's FLIMMER (FLICKER) Gets Heroic
We always new Patrik Eklund's feature debut was going to be a little bit odd. After all, the Swedish director didn't earn a loyal cult - not to mention an Oscar nomination - by being particularly serious. And while the first image released from Eklund's upcoming Flimmer (Flicker) backed up this assumption by featuring an elderly man wearing a very tall dunce cap the latest image to arrive online gives further evidence of just how silly this is going to get.

Something's bubbling under the surface in the tiny village of Gumby, centring on the struggling telecoms company Unicom, its staff and a militant group of people allergic to electricity. When a power cut strikes the village it triggers off a chain reaction of mishaps, encounters and love affairs.
That's the latest image up above, one featuring a Swedish electrical superhero. Oh, this is going to be fun.

For those unfamiliar with his work Eklund is, in my estimation, an absolute genius. His short film work shows a remarkable ability to fuse genuine heart - and often tragedy - with deliciously dry and absurd comedy. He'll get - and deserve - his share of Coen Brothers comparisons but Eklund's voice is entirely his own.

With the public release of the film not scheduled until September we are unlikely to see a proper trailer any time soon but with the picture recently announced as part of the Goteborg Festival, we may get lucky ...

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