Lily Collins Drops Out Of THE EVIL DEAD

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Lily Collins Drops Out Of THE EVIL DEAD
Wanted: A new girl to have her soul swallowed.

The Fede Alvarez directed, Sam Raimi produced remake of Raimi's The Evil Dead was all set to go with Lily Collins taking the lead role. But not so much any more.

Citing scheduling issues Collins has now dropped off the project, leaving producers in need of a replacement in short order with their planned start date coming up fast.

Raimi and company are clearly making some changes to things here, putting away any thoughts of bringing back Ash by shifting the lead part over to a female with talk being that the plan is to get much more back in line with the serious horror roots of the original film before the sequels diverged more into comedy. The list of actresses considered bankable in this age bracket is a pretty short one, so who do you think they'll be going after?
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