Full Trailer For Aleksander Nordaas' THALE Shows Off His Huldra

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Full Trailer For Aleksander Nordaas' THALE Shows Off His Huldra
How do you take a good thing and make it better? Well, you could add a shot of an attractive naked woman with a tail, for one thing. And that is precisely what director Aleksander Nordaas has done in the full trailer for his dark Norwegian fantasy, Thale.

Based on the premise that mythical creatures - in this case a forest spirit known as a huldra - not only exist but are actually genetic offshoots of our own family tree, Nordaas' goal is to create a realistic deconstruction of the myths and legends he grew up with, all of it packaged as a low key thriller.

Created on a tiny budget by a very talented director and crew, previous trailer for Thale have, by necessity, stayed away from effects shots for the simple reason that they did not exist. Until now. The film now complete and a domestic release coming up, Nordaas has created the first full theatrical trailer for the picture, the first promo released so far to include a proper look at his mythical creatures.

Twitch is proud to present the English subtitled trailer for Thale. Take a look below.
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moppedanneJanuary 26, 2012 10:50 AM

Hi guys!

Did you like the trailer?

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Joe YoungJanuary 26, 2012 12:21 PM

Yep...I liked it, but will this be shown in Sweden..?
Probably not...huh..?

M12000January 26, 2012 2:09 PM

Hell yes!!!! In Chambers was great, looking forward to this one.

Ard VijnFebruary 16, 2012 8:16 PM

Now THAT is a trailer. Hot damn...