Frosty Footage Found In Iceland. FROST Starts Filming.

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Frosty Footage Found In Iceland. FROST Starts Filming.
Icelandic director Reynir Lyngdal has started filming his second film, a found footage sci-fi horror movie called FROST, which is a first for Iceland. What little is known about the storyline is that a scientist travels up to a glacier along with her filmmaking husband and together they find something sinister.

Lyngdal comes from the music video/commercial side of the business but made his feature debut last year with the romantic comedy Our Own Oslo. The screenwriter Jón Atli Jónason is an established playwright. The film Undercurrent (BRIM) was based on his play and he wrote Baltasar Kormakur's THE DEEP which comes out this year.

The film is produced by Kisi, the producers behind ASTROPIA and THE REYKJAVIK WHALE WATCHING MASSACRE (aka HARPOON) and is currently filming on the Langjokull glacier. They have their work cut out for them as the conditions there have been continuous snowstorms and otherwise foul weather but that should give the film some nice production value.
It seems that the film will be rushed through production with only about three weeks for shooting and a planned premier in September this year. Lets hope that it doesn't affect the outcome.
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