Fabulously Creepy Trailer For Pat Holden's WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT

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Fabulously Creepy Trailer For Pat Holden's WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT
While the International Film Festival Rotterdam is widely known for its bold selection of arthouse films there's another side to the festival as well. Rotterdam is arguably the most genre friendly of the major European festivals, the programmers there have an excellent eye for up and coming talent, particularly in the space where arthouse film and genre film collide. Need an example? Rotterdam was where a little Swedish vampire film titled Let The Right One In was discovered by the world.

And it looks like they may have another of that high caliber in Pat Holden's When The Lights Went Out.

Claiming to be based upon a true story - though what horror film doesn't do that these days? - the picture revolves around a family moving into a new house. Only the house may not have been empty, exactly, when they moved in.

A smart, character driven haunting story is what the trailer promises with Kate Ashfield, Craig Parkinson, and Gary Lewis delivering what look to be very strong performances. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing when done well and this appears to do it very well indeed.

Quiet Earth premiered the trailer, which you can see below.
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VitalyJanuary 31, 2012 7:09 PM

Nothing extraordinary about this movie.Looks like your usual ghost in the house/Amytiville Horror/Exorcist/Blair witch type of movie from last10-15 years....Derivative and dull...Sorry, this is not another Let The Right One In. :(

BenFebruary 1, 2012 7:54 AM

Have you seen the movie Vitaly? Went to the Premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and it freaked me out! The 70's setting is incredible, the casting isn't for the sake of a star and the story has loads of scares. 'Let The Right One In' is an excellent parallel in my opinion - except that wasn't a true story! Very different for a this type of genre, it feels authentic.