ATTACK THE BLOC: Win Tickets For Gottfried Kolditz's IN THE DUST OF THE STARS!

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ATTACK THE BLOC: Win Tickets For Gottfried Kolditz's IN THE DUST OF THE STARS!
Attention Toronto science fiction fans! There has been a late scheduling change to the order of things at the ScreenAnarchy presented Attack The Bloc screening series of Cold War era scifi from the Eastern Bloc, with the Friday slot that had been marked for Czech effort I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen now going to East German flick In The Dust Of The Stars.

In the course of a six-year space voyage, a spaceship from the planet Cynro answers a distress call from the planet TEM-4. The crew is picked up on the planet's surface by a bizarre bus and taken to meet Ronk, the bearded, blue-jumpsuited representative of the planet's ruling party, who denies any trouble and throws the crew a kick-ass party complete with scantily-clad women and mind-controlling drugs. Luckily, the ship's dour, no-fun pilot had insisted on staying back on the ship as a sober designated driver, and soon discovers that the planet is on the verge of a class war, as TEM-4's original inhabitants have been enslaved in the planet's mines for eons. Space travel is swingin' in Gottfried Kolditz's campy, psychedelic sci-fi head-trip, which mocks the imperialist decadence of the West while cheerfully exploiting it to work in some trippy music and T&A.
We've got three pairs of tickets to give away to this one and to claim a pair all you need to do is email me here and name the East German studio that produced the film. Or, alternately, you could name the country of origin for the poster above, which is not German but does hail from another of the countries represented in the program. Winners will be drawn Wednesday.

And fear not if you were hankering for the topless, bearded lady action promised by I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen! That's still coming, it'll just be coming on February 10.

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