Watch The First Trailer For Alex De La Iglesia's AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT (LA CHISPA DE LA VIDA)

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Watch The First Trailer For Alex De La Iglesia's AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT (LA CHISPA DE LA VIDA)
Less than a year since word first surfaced that The Last Circus director Alex de la Iglesia would be shooting a black comedy with Salma Hayek the film is now complete - or close to it - and among the first selections for the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival.

Titled La Chispa De La Vida - literally The Spark Of Life in English, though it was announced with the English title of As Luck Would Have It - the picture stars Hayek as the wife of Jose Mota who plays a down on his luck publicist who slips and falls in an old Roman era forum, impaling his head on a metal rod. He does not die but cannot be moved. And, bizarrely, he views this not as a bad thing but as an opportunity as he uses his continued impaling as a means to generate celebrity for himself and income for his wife and their family.

There's a curious back story to this one in that it is based on an unproduced English language script by Tango And Cash writer Randy Feldman, who intends to use the funds and attention generated by the Iglesia version to launch production of the English version, making this a sort of reverse remake or premake. But regardless of how it got made or what the plans for the material may be this sounds like perfect material for the darkly comic mind of Iglesia.

Check out the first trailer below!
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gurotakuDecember 19, 2011 8:56 PM

I was interested to hear Salma's Spanish but curiously there wasn't a single line of dialogue from her.