Spanish Teaser For Bayona's THE IMPOSSIBLE

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Spanish Teaser For Bayona's THE IMPOSSIBLE
Juan Antonio Bayona burst onto the film scene in 2007 with his brilliant ghost story The Orphanage. One of the most successful films in Spanish box office history, it found a huge audience abroad as well.

Last year, Bayona spent several weeks in Thailand filming his English language film debut, The Impossible. Starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, it tells the true story of one family´s experience during the Southeast Asian tsunami of 2004. The first official teaser trailer has now arrived.

While the film is in English, this teaser features the Spanish dubbing. However, the teaser introduces some amazing haunting and terrifying images both reminiscent of Bayona´s earlier work, and something new and different than your standard disaster movie fare. And as his previous film explored themes of family and crisis, so does this one; perhaps without the ghosts, but that remains to be seen, and Bayona has shown both great command and imagination as a director, and a great understanding of the more indefinable, mystical aspects of family connections. The teaser gives a release date of fall of 2012; I for one wait with great anticipation.

Translation of the intertitles:

On December 26, 2004, a devastating tsunami hit the coast of Southeast Asia.
The lives of thousands of families around the world changed forever.
This is the true story of one of these families.
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