Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Trailer is Unleashed!

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Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Trailer is Unleashed!
2012 looks to be a dream year for big, splashy, genre event-releases. I mean that in a really good way too. Peter Jackson is  toiling down in Middle Earth, Joss Whedon is keeping it between the lines over at the Avengers' headquarters, but maybe best of all? Ridley Scott is back on that lonely little rock in space, LV-426, battling an Alien menace in a harsh planetary environment, to bring us the story of how it all began, with the long awaited Prometheus.

The concept of the Greek god Prometheus figures metaphorically throughout the film. It is also the name of the ship the humans arrive on, and it speaks conceptually to the story itself, which is about the possible discovery of the extraterrestrial origins of Man...and, the profound revelation that there are indeed other life-forms out there, some of which are extremely lethal.

The cast, which is just flat out kick-ass, includes Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Patrick Wilson, and Noomi Rapace, promises to help director Scott deliver one class-act of a sci-fi action thriller. Even with the magic revving up in the Shire right now, my cinematic gaze is still drawn to the barren wastes of LV-426. Opening day,  June 8, 2012 simply cannot come fast enough. In the meantime, here is the trailer, which is short, but damn is it sweet. The shot of the classic derelict spacecraft...just sayin'...woah.

So far no true official HD version has dropped, when it does, the clip below will be updated. Until then, check it out - and prepare for 100% bad ass.

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