Blue Tongue Films Produces Harold Hopkins Tribute

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Blue Tongue Films Produces Harold Hopkins Tribute
This week celebrated Australian actor Harold Hopkins passed away at the age of 67 after a battle with cancer. 

Hopkins had major roles in classic Australian movies including Don's Party, The Club and Gallipoli, and also supported upcoming Australian filmmakers. 

In 1998 he took a role in a 25 minute low budget short film called Bloodlock, made by a young upcoming group of filmmakers called Blue Tongue Films. These days Blue Tongue are known as the outfit responsible for films such as Animal Kingdom, The Square and Hesher, and the upcoming Sundance opener Wish You Were Here. But back then they were just starting out in Sydney as filmmakers. 

The Blue Tongue team has decided to express their gratitude and resulting friendship with Hopkins by creating a wonderful video tribute, below, to their friend and his work on the big and small screen. I've also included Bloodlock, below, in which Hopkins plays the father, Peter.
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