Toronto! 1UP your weekend with The FP and Manborg at Gamercamp

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Toronto! 1UP your weekend with The FP and Manborg at Gamercamp
The third installment of Toronto's super-cool video game culture conference Gamercamp kicks off today at the Bathurst Street Theatre jam-packed with presentations, demos and more fun-filled activities then Ryu can shoot a Hadouken fireball at. Spearheaded by Jaime Woo and Mark Rabo, the conference runs throughout the weekend at George Brown Campus and the Toronto Underground, and this year features a full-fledged film program on the final day of the festival. Curated by Will Perkins (from the mighty fine website Dork and myself, the line-up includes MANBORG, ScreenAnarchy's favorite cacophony of laser-blasts and hell-spawn demons in recent memory, and the Trost Brothers' epic ballad of blood, sweat and DDR: THE FP! Best of all, THE FP will be preceded by a mini-tournament of Dance Dance Revolution on the big-screen!

Here's the skinny on the line-up for Sunday, Nov. 27th:

2:00 PM - MANBORG | Directed by Steven Kostanski

The armies of Hell have taken over the Earth, and all that stands in the way of the villainous Count Draculon and his total subjugation of humanity is a motley lot of misfits seemingly torn from a never released fighting game from the early 90s. (Screens at George Brown College, Rm. 141) FREE with Gamercamp Badge

3:15 PM - Get Bonus: The Movie | Directed by Tim Rogers

Game designer/columnist/provocateur Tim Rogers (,, goes to the 2010 E3 with game designer Robert Pelloni (BOB'S GAME) in color coordinated Addias tracksuits and mayhem ensues. The result is witty, anarchic and chockfull of booth babes and energy drinks.(Screens at George Brown College, Rm. 141) FREE with Gamercamp Badge

7:00 PM - THE FP | Directed by Jason and Brandon Trost

When JTRO (Jason Trost) witnesses his brother die on the dance-pad during a championship game of "Beat-Beat Revelations", he vows to leave the world of competitive dance video gaming forever and goes into a self-imposed exile, Rambo style. True to formula, after learning that his hometown of Frazier Park (The FP) has fallen helpless to a power-hungry gang of BBR warriors, JTRO finds himself back in the ring dancing not only for himself, but for the very salvation of THE FP. (Screens at the Toronto Underground Cinema) - Tickets: $10

 9:30 PM - The Warriors | Walter Hill | (on 35mm!!)

A Coney Island gang must fight their way home through hordes of rival gangs after being framed for assassinating one of New York City's biggest gang leaders. Though it took 25 years to adapt the film into a video game, Walter Hill's seminal action classic has had a profound effect on gaming, and in many ways represents the proto-"beat'em up", crafting a template from which games like RIVER CITY RANSOM and FINAL FIGHT drew influence. (Screens at the Toronto Underground Cinema) - FREE for all!

Single - tickets for THE FP are available at the Toronto Underground Cinema box-office on the day of the screening, The Warriors is FREE for all and everything else needs a Gamercamp badge which you can learn more details about here.

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