The Fantastic Array Of PUPPETS ON FILM At The BAMcinematek In NYC Continues This Weekend

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The Fantastic Array Of PUPPETS ON FILM At The BAMcinematek In NYC Continues This Weekend
Oh you lucky New York readers, how I envy you. This weekend you can make your way to the BAMcinematek for the second round of their Puppets On Film program, co-presented by The Jim Henson Foundation. Experience the wonderfully diverse world of puppetry with films like the classic fantasy The Dark Crystal, or the Gerry Anderson on crack inspired Team America, and a screening of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with rod and animatronic pupet master Martin P. Robinson in attendance. Robinson's credits also include many characters on Sesame Street, as well as the original Off-Broadway production of Little Shop Of Horrors.

And that is just Friday. Puppets On Film continues Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to check the schedule below for films and times. I personally recommend, if you can, making it to the premier of Czech film Kooky. Check out the trailer below the break. Even Waldorf & Statler would like this stuff!

Also, stay tuned. We'll be posting an interview with Martin P. Robinson in just a little while, in which we discuss his work in celebration of his appearance this weekend.

Fri, Nov 18
4:30pm: The Dark Crystal
6:50pm: Puppet Rampage
9:15pm: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
11:30pm: Team America: World Police

Sat, Nov 19
6:50pm: Being John Malkovich
9:15pm: Arias with a Twist: A Docufantasy

Sun, Nov 20
12pm: Muppet Treasure Island
2pm: Kooky
4:30pm: Live Action Puppets Shorts Program
6:50pm: The Dark Crystal
9:15pm: Where the Wild Things Are

For more info and tix got to BAMcinematik Puppets On Film now!

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