HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 Banned In Australia

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HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 Banned In Australia
It looks like Tom Six won't be making a Disney film anytime soon, or seeing his latest o-pus The Human Centipede 2 play screens in Australia.

Banned in Brittain a few months back, until it was agreed that cuts would be made. It played Australia's Brisbane International Film Festival in November under an age-prohibitive R-18+ rating. When Human Centipede 2 hit the Australian Classification Board (ACB) this last Monday though, it seems the films crawl to screens hit a standstill. Cited for being "gratuitous", "exploitative", and "excessively violent",  the ACB has halted Tom Six's controversial sequel from hitting theaters.

In all reality, this ruling and all the other nefarious news of how twisted and f-ed up this film is, will probably just drive sales up, as I highly doubt that Human Centipede 2 was going to be rolled out as an event film Down Under (or anywhere else). Also, given the advent of, shall we say, ease of availability, it's not like anyone who wants to see Human Centipede 2 isn't going to be able to. These rulings seem like a joke. Hopefully it benefits the film, or, if anything, the spirit of independent productions.

For anyone curious as to what the hoopla is all about, watch the trailer below the break.
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arturoNovember 29, 2011 3:15 PM

i saw the full uncut version the other day, and yes it was gratuitous, exploitative and bloody violent but it was also funny nicely shot and so over the top that no one in there right mind can take this seriously, the movie might make you feel sick but it will NOT do any harm to the general public who choose to watch it....Banning this movie is complete and utter pointless...

Todd BrownNovember 29, 2011 4:19 PM

So much for those Australian trailers bragging about an uncut release. Whoopsie.

Kwenton BelletteNovember 29, 2011 10:26 PM

Welllll it was generally released in a few cinemas as of last Saturday, so it did technically get an uncut release, bravo!