Character Posters For Seven Miao's GAME OF ASSASSINS

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Character Posters For Seven Miao's GAME OF ASSASSINS
Kung fu is getting old-school again with Game Of Assassins, an upcoming collaboration between director Seven Miao, actor / stunt man Ian Powers and classic fight stars Chen Kuan-tai (Iron Monkey) and Leung Kar-yen (The Victim).

Director Seven Miao and Beijing based American actor/stuntman Ian Powers are currently in post-production on their feature Game of Assassins. The movie stars old school legends Chen Kuan-tai(the original Iron Monkey) and Leung Kar-yen (The Victim) along with Canadian Chinese actor Darren Choo (Supercapitalist, Hush, The Man with the Iron Fists), comedic actor Jiang Qiao from My Own Swordsmen, and Jacky Jing.

Both Seven and Ian Powers began their careers working for actor/director Frankie Chan  of Prodigal Son & Outlaw Brothers fame, Seven as an assistant director and Powers as an actor and stuntman on such projects as To Live & Die In Chicago & Taekwondo Kids. While Seven has continued to hone his craft as a director on various TV series, commercials and music videos, Powers has built a solid reputation as an actor and stuntman on such projects as Contract Lover for Alfred Cheung, The White Wall, Treasure Hunter with Jay Chou, Future X-Cops with Andy Lau, and plays a colorful killer in Wong Jing's Naked Soldier movie with Jennifer Tse & Sammo Hung. Powers also worked on the highly anticipated Man with the Iron Fists project, written, directed by and starring the RZA with a supporting cast that includes Russell Crowe, Byron Mann, Daniel Wu and Lucy Liu.

The film follows Chen Kuan-tai's character General Tu Jia who trains a trio of young fighters to seek revenge on the villainous King of Wei played by Leung Kar-yen, only for one assassins to succumb to the dark side and the temptation of wealth and power. Mr. Vampire  director Ricky Lau came on board the Game of Assassins project as an executive producer and consultant.

We've been promised a trailer for this one soon but, in the meantime, we've got a series of posters in the gallery below.

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