Fantastic Fest 2011 in Photographs

Festivals Editor; Los Angeles, California (@RylandAldrich)
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Fantastic Fest 2011 in Photographs

Fantastic Fest 2011 has come and gone and will live forever in our memories... and in these awesome photos by the very talented David Hill. Enjoy the special times.

Human Centi-Pig
Dinner at the opening night party was dubbed the "Human Centi-Pig."

Get yer Centipede on
Unicorn frontman of the Charles Edward Cheese Band leads the crowd in a Human Centipede conga line.

Jedi rap
Eugenio Mira raps hip hop jedi style at the Attempted Rap Throwdown.

Nacho Raps
Extraterrestrial director Nacho Vigalondo throws it down.

Feud Jen and Todd
Jen Yamato is none too happy with Fantastic Feud host Scott Weinberg's antics. Co-host Devin Steurald looks on. Point to Todd Brown and the international team.

Feud International Team
The Fantastic Feud International Team looks stumped. (L to R) Dominic Monaghan, Andrea Quiroz, Ant Timpson, Todd Brown and Nacho Vigalondo.

Feud American Team
You might call it a blow out. The successful Fantastic Feud Team USA. (L to R) Ti West, Jen Yamato, Devin Faraci, James Rocchi, Elijah Wood.

Chaos Reigns Ti
The Innkeepers director Ti West goes nuts during the Chaos Reigns Karaoke Party.

Director Noboru Iguchi takes the sword. Chaos. Reigns.

Prom Party
School spirit was in full effect at the Prom Party.

These two creepy prom goers said they were the chaperones.

Prom Party Rock
Rick K. & The Allnighters rocked the Prom Party all... night.

Elijah Upside Down
Elijah Wood went for a flip on the Closing Night Party's velcro wall.

Stripper Pole
Not only did the Closing Night Party have bounce castles, it also featured pole dancers!

Nick Robinson Award
The Fantastic Fest Awards Ceremony kicked off with Nick Robinson taking home the prize for best (aka, most cleverly disturbing) bumper.

Japanese Awards
Midori Inoue, Demo Tanaka and Yoshihiro Nishimura drink up in honor of Noboru Iguchi's directing prize for Karate Robo Zaborgar.

Sharni & Simon
Sharni Vinson applauds as Simon Barrett accepts one of many awards for the film he wrote, You're Next.

Awards Cheers
Nacho Vigalondo, Tim League, Michael Roskam, AMD Prez Charlie Boswell and Yoshihiro Nishimura toast the crowd. Another successful year.

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