TIFF 11 for '11: The Fantastic Side of Things

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TIFF 11 for '11: The Fantastic Side of Things

Our Toronto International Film Festival preview series TIFF 11 for '11 continues with a look at 11 more films making their way to Fall's biggest fest next week. Yesterday we looked at 11 awards hopefuls in The Big Launches and today we turn our attention to the ScreenAnarchy-tastic titles you might want to wander into late at night. Not all of these are in the Midnight Madness section but a number are. Look for a handful to also make their way to Austin at the end of the month for the incomparable FantasticFest!

While you can't see the trailer quite yet (look for an update very soon), having had the opportunity to see a few minutes of this wall to wall actioner, I can tell you it is not likely to disappoint. Directed by Merantau's Gareth Huw Evans, the film stars Indonesian martial arts star Iko Uwais as a cop fighting his way from floor to floor up a criminal infested apartment block. Sounds kinda like a video game, doesn't it? I can't wait!
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Ben Wheatley follows up his Fantastic Fest Best Next Wave Feature winning Down Terrace with this psychological thriller that pits a British ex-military assassin against his own psyche. With great performances from Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley and MyAnna Buring, this is a film that is sure to leave you thinking.
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William Friedkin is responsible for such classics as The French Connection, The Exorcist and To Live and Die in LA and here he turns his attention to an extremely off beat action thriller with at least a hint of black comedy. Emile Hirsch plays a white trash meth addict who hires Matthew McConaughey to murder his mom. But things take a turn for the bizarre when McCaunaghey's Killer Joe takes a shining to Hirsch's sister played by Juno Temple. Mayhem ensues.

Adam Wingard of A Horrible Way to Die fame returns with this incredible looking ultra-violent home invasion-er starring Sharni Vinson , Joe Swanberg, A.J. Bowen , Nicholas Tucci and Barbara Crampton.

The apocalypse is here in this Midnight Madness thriller starring Lost's Dominic Monaghan, Frozen's Shawn Ashmore, 40 Days and 40 Nights's Shannon Sossamon, Battle LA's Cory Hadrict and The Last Exorcism's Ashley Bell. The film is directed by veteran 1st AD Douglas Aarniokoski.

I've heard many good things about Justin Kurzel's Australian murder rampage drama based on true events. The film won a special mention prize at this summer's Cannes Critics Week and top prize at the Adelaide Film Fest.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been near the top of most development executives' lists of available directors since 28 Weeks Later knocked it out of the park a few years back. His Clive Owen starring follow-up is finally ready for prime time. One look at the trailer for this supernatural thriller and you'll be lining up.
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The latest from Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez is this psychological horror about woman played by newcomer Gretchen Lodge battling with addiction and a deeply troubled past.

This twisting French action-thriller follows a cop played by Tom Sisley as he figts his way through a danger filled nightclub to save his son. The film is directed by Frederic Jardin.

Oh boy! Now this one is exciting. Nic Cage + Nicole Kidman with a little Joel Schumacher sprinkled on top means this home invasion thriller will either be a complete train wreck or an absolute piece of brilliance. I can't wait to find out. Animal Kingdom's Ben Mendelsohn co-stars.

It's a Cuban zombie crisis in Alejandro Brugues's sophomore outing (after 2007's Personal Belongings). Will JFK: Zombie Hunter (I smell a sequel) show up in time to save the day or will the proletariat undead rise up and crush the bourgeois living.

A few other flix falling into the fantastic category include Nacho Vigalondo's sci-fi romantic comedy follow up to Timecrimes EXTRATERRESTRIAL, a 1921 set Rebecca Hall and Dominic West starring ghost story thriller THE AWAKENING, and music video director Alexandre Courtes's mental institution horror debut THE INCIDENT.

TIFF 11 for '11 continues tomorrow with a look at some of the films on offer from Asia.
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