The Movie Club Podcast talks Zardoz and Flash Gordon

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The Movie Club Podcast talks Zardoz and Flash Gordon
What could be better than a double bill of production design gone wild by directors of gritty, testosterone loaded films 1970s going 'off the reservation' in the craziest of ways!  Exhibit A: John Boorman goes from Deliverance to Zardoz.  Exhibit B:  Mike Hodges goes from Get Carter to Flash Gordon.  

The Movie Club Podcast is a semi regular gathering of film-bloggers, along the lines of  a book club, only with movies, and recorded for distribution on the internet.  There is a rotating roster of contributors - including Swarez and Kurt from ScreenAnarchy, but also folks from The Documentary Blog, Film Junk, Where The Long Tail Ends, Row Three and Quiet Earth.  Usually, I plug this podcast in our forum, but considering the two films are probably of significant interest to the ScreenAnarchy readership, and really, who doesn't like to occasionally relive the science fiction hippie meltdown of Zardoz or the comic book rock opera of Flash Gordon

In the past episodes, the podcast has covered such films as Ghost Dog, Soylent Green, C.R.A.Z.Y., Gimme Shelter, Grave of the Fireflies, Freddie Got Fingered, F for Fake and Visitor Q.  
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