Latest News On Donnie Yen's New Projects!

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Latest News On Donnie Yen's New Projects!

Donnie Yen Pic.jpgAccording to reports from Hong Kong, after having a few months' rest to spend time with his family, two new movies starring Donnie Yen are about to start filming. Both are Chinese films, which means THE EXPENDABLES 2 will not be one of them (but we do have an update on this - so read on!).

The first film is a Chinese New Year comedy to be directed by Chan Hing Ka, who was responsible for ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (also starring Yen) and last year's best Hong Kong comedy LA COMEDIE HUMAINE. The new film will be produced by Raymond Wong Bak Ming, who was involved in many of Donnie's films including IP MAN and IP MAN 2. The Chinese title suggests it may be a remake of Chow Yun Fat's 1988 classic comedy THE EIGHTH HAPPINESS.

The second film is a police action comedy. Also in the cast are Miriam Yeung (THREE... EXTREMES: DUMPLINGS, LOVE IN A PUFF) and Eva Huang (KUNG FU HUSTLE, THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE). The film will be produced by famous Asian filmmaker Chui Po Chu, who was the associate producer for CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, and producer for KUNG FU HUSTLE, CJ7 and THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE.

Yen is also rumoured to be joining Jackie Chan in an upcoming project, in which the pair will play a couple of code-breaking experts working in the police force. It will be produced by Chan and directed by Chinese director Tan Bing, whose films THE REBIRTH OF THE TRILOBITE and FURIOUS PIANO won critical acclaim. Filming is scheduled to start in December.

And now the promised THE EXPENDABLES 2 update. As reported by ScreenAnarchy earlier, Yen was invited to join the cast of THE EXPENDABLES 2 when he was visiting the US. When questioned about this by the Hong Kong media earlier this week, a spokesperson from Yen's company replied that he is currently still considering the offer.



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