French Theatrical Trailer For Frederic Jardin's SLEEPLESS NIGHT

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French Theatrical Trailer For Frederic Jardin's SLEEPLESS NIGHT

Fresh off of a rousing premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it triggered a bidding war for remake rights, Frederic Jardin's Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) is now gearing up for its French theatrical release and the first proper French trailer has just arrived online.

A gunshot shatters the early-morning silence on the streets of Paris as two men in balaclavas intercept a car on a drug run. In the rushed heist that follows, one of the drug carriers in the vehicle is shot. The other escapes, but not before getting a glimpse of one of the men unmasked.

The next day, one of the thieves, Vincent (Tomer Sisley of Largo Winch), is addressed as lieutenant in the bathroom at work. This reveal -- that the robbers are really cops -- is the first of many in Frédéric Jardin's Sleepless Night, which peels back layers of deceit one by one as the film plunges forward.

This is an all-nighter of action: pop some caffeine and run headfirst into Jardin's gritty world of good cops, bad cops and vicious drug dealers, all flashing under strobe lights and set to a throbbing techno beat.
Tightly plotted and energetic this is a good one and the trailer captures it well. Take a look below.

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