Fantastic Fest 2011: Raven Banner Entertainment to rep 'CALIBRE 9'

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Fantastic Fest 2011: Raven Banner Entertainment to rep 'CALIBRE 9'
Less than 24 hours until its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest, Saturday September 24th at 3pm, and a quick note that Raven Banner Entertainment holds the worldwide rights for this French action/fantasy/kitchen sink film CALIBRE 9 by Jean-Christian Tassy. 

Raven Banner locks and loads Fantastic Fest debut, CALIBRE 9

In advance of its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas, Raven Banner has snagged worldwide rights to Jean-Christian Tassy's French action/fantasy debut feature, CALIBRE 9, an action-packed film about a 9mm handgun possessed by the soul of a dead hooker hellbent for bloody revenge.

Raven Banner's Managing Partners, Michael Paszt and James Fler, negotiated the deal with Producer Axel Guyot.

"CALIBRE 9 is an incredibly fresh and original film from an equally fresh and original young director. Tassy is another serious talent to rise from the new wave of French genre cinema and we are proud to be working with him," said Raven Banner's Managing Partner, Michael Paszt.

No word yet if any of the lads down in Austin this year will be in attendance but you can bet they'll chime in if they are. Trailer after the break. 
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