Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011: First Eight Titles Announced!

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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011: First Eight Titles Announced!
Alright 'cinemaniacs', as festival director Adam Lopez is known to say, here are your first eight titles of this year's edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival taking place at the Toronto Underground Cinema from October 20th through to the 27th.  

The opening night film will be Canandian monster melee film Monster Brawl! Keeping it close to home the festival will host the World Premiere of Father's Day from Canadian lads Astron-6. We'll also gather the home crowd together to watch for the moment when our lord and master Todd gets his brains blown out in Canadian zombie flick Exit Humanity. Another film with a Canadian connection is the horror anthology The Theatre Bizzare starring cult icon Udo Kier. 

Prepare to have your brains melt out your eye sockets and ears after watching the Japanese animated film Redline! It's your brain on acid wrapped in a candy coated shell. I suspect that zombie comedy Deadheads will round out the schedule of Zombie Day during the festival. And we'll all gather together to watch the end of the world in Xavier Gen's The Divide. And rounding off the first eight titles is the visually striking Love featuring the music of Angels & Airwaves. 

So far. So good. You can find trailers for the first eight films here
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