Intriguing Trailer For Indie Horror RESOLUTION

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Intriguing Trailer For Indie Horror RESOLUTION
That Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's indie horror film Resolution is a raw, low budget affair is undeniable. Two men in the woods, hand held camera, minimal lighting and sound effects ... it's one of the classic scenarios adopted by filmmakers trying to tell a story on the cheap. But what is also undeniable is that Benson has tapped into an entirely unique story here, one that pushes the relationship between its leads into territory I don't believe I've ever seen, and there's just something unsettling about it all. Two days after initially watching this trailer I just can't get it out of my head.

The official synopsis strips the story to the bones: A mysterious stalker haunts a ramshackle cabin where a young man imprisons his junkie friend through a week of drug recovery.

That's true and all, but it doesn't really seem to catch the relationship between the two central characters and the incredibly vulnerable position the pair are in when trouble comes knocking. For a better sense check the trailer below.
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