MGM Wants To Skew ROBOCOP Younger? Chris Pine Eyed For Lead Role.

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MGM Wants To Skew ROBOCOP Younger? Chris Pine Eyed For Lead Role.
Does the world want a younger, prettier Robocop? Apparently MGM does as ScreenAnarchy has learned that the Star Trek actor is the studio's top choice to take the lead in the upcoming reboot of the scifi franchise. There is no word as to whether director Jose Padilha agrees with the selection and the offer has not yet gone out but we're told Pine currently tops the MGM casting list.

If this pans out then it will represent a dramatic shift in the character. At the age of 30 Pine is a full decade younger than Peter Weller was when he first took on the role and much more a heart-throb movie star than Weller ever was. You put Pine into a movie when you want to attract a young female audience - an audience that Paul Verhoeven didn't give a rat's ass about in the 1987 original, which is part of what made the film great.

Am I reading into this? Yes, I am. But while Pine has shown that he is probably capable of more than the roles he has played so far have given him, this just feels like an odd direction to go. A pretty Robocop is a silly Robocop. It's a role that absolutely has to have some depth to it - and an actor who can carry all of that depth just through his face - if it is to work at all. I'm not a fan of this and would much rather see a different sort of actor in the part entirely. Someone a bit older. Someone with a history of delivering strong characters.

What about you? Who would you like to see as the new Robocop?
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