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I'm pretty sure most of you out there have no idea who Graham Humphreys is, especially if you live outside the UK or Europe around the 80's and 90's VHS boom. You have however seen his work as he was one of the most prolific poster and cover art illustrator around. His artwork for The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Basket Case and countless other VHS classic have long become classics. While he dropped off a bit after the advent of DVD he has been doing the artwork for UK's FRIGHT FEST since its infancy and recently the cult DVD label ARROW have commissioned him to do fresh new panels for their releases. 
I've been a huge fan of his since I laid my eyes on his old PALACE PICTURES VHS boxes for Basket Case, Trick or Treat and The Evil Dead. My favorite of his is the cover art he did for Night of the Creeps which is by far the best poster the film ever got. I even contacted him to try to buy the original painting but alas it is lost as he never got it back from the distributer. In the end I created a custom cover (seen to the side there) for myself for the Blu Ray release converting the old VHS artwork.
But I'm rambling.
Film poster website has a long interview with the artist and for fans of the soon to be gone art of illustration for films you can't really miss it.
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