MIFF Channels World Cinema With New Promos!

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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MIFF Channels World Cinema With New Promos!
The Melbourne International Film Festival is gearing up for its 60th anniversary -- already announcing a teaser program which includes 25 Cannes features including Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive as its closer. 

No doubt the 60 years milestone will see MIFF bring out its big guns -- personally I'm hoping for flame-guns aka Bellflower, as well as the much-delayed, much-anticipated Amiel Courtin-Wilson doco on Ben Lee, exciting due to Amiel's Herzog style more than the subject matter. Then of course there is some actual Werner Herzog, with Cave of Forgotten Dreams already confirmed to screen. 

To tide us over until the big reveal MIFF has launched a marketing campaign which taps into the cliches of world cinema in a rather amusing way. There's even a cameo from a famous Australian. 

Check the two promos out below. 

MIFF takes place from July 21 to August 7 2011.
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