Look out! The EYEBORGS are coming to DVD...

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Look out! The EYEBORGS are coming to DVD...
Killer Surveillance Cameras! Yep, that's the gist of it. Longer term ScreenAnarchy readers may remember Richard Clabaugh's indie sci-fi pic Eyeborgs from as far back as 2007. Well, after a brief trip to Sci-Fi London in 2010, his surveillance robot action-thriller finally makes it to DVD in the UK this month.

 As you may have picked up from the truly wonderful title, Eyeborgs is resolutely B-movie territory and appears to be all the better for it.

"In the wake of another devastating terrorist attack, the United States government passes the "Freedom of Observation Act, a law requiring all communications and surveillance cameras to be constantly monitored for national security. Helping to enforce the new law are the Eyeborgs, mobile surveillance robots that can track suspicious persons wherever they may try to hide. Now everyone is under the constant watch of ODIN, the Optical Defence Intelligence Network, an all-seeing system that never sleeps, never rests and never stops "looking out for you." But what few people realize is the Eyeborgs are authorized to do more than just watch. If an Eyeborg witnesses a crime in progress when no other law enforcement agent is present, it can take whatever action is necessary to stop it.

Investigating a series of suspicious deaths, Homeland Security agent R.J. "Gunner" Reynolds (Paul) finds a link to the Eyeborgs and is led to believe that terrorists have taken over the system and are using the 'bots in a plot to assassinate the President of the USA. What he doesn't realize is the truth behind the killings is far more terrifying than any mere act of terrorism."

You can check out the trailer below. It puts me in mind of Screamers (yes, the Peter Weller one...) albeit with tongue a little more firmly in cheek, but that's no bad thing in my book.  Plus you get Danny Trejo. Which is ALWAYS a good thing.

Eyeborgs will be released on DVD by Momentum Pictures on 20th June 2011.

DVD Extras:

Special Features include: Deleted Scenes (x 6); Behind The Scenes Featurettes (Making Eyeborgs; Stunts; Visual Effects; How To Make A Robot In 3 Minutes) and a Blooper Reel. 
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