Breasts! Duran Duran! Peter Stormare Riding A Dragon! It's The English Trailer For YOU SAID WHAT?

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Breasts! Duran Duran! Peter Stormare Riding A Dragon! It's The English Trailer For YOU SAID WHAT?
Patrik Syversen and Nini Bull Robsahm's romantic comedy previously referred to in these parts as Help, We're In The Film Business - a literal translation of the Norwegian title - has gone and gotten itself a new international title and a new trailer to go with it.

Now known outside of Norway as You Said What? the Norwegian trailer for the picture arrived on the scene on Friday. But given that this is quite a dialogue driven comedy it didn't make a whole lot of sense to run that version and now patience has been rewarded with the premiere of the English friendly version.

Glenn has been dumped by his girlfriend. He is lonely, and terribly difficult to deal with. He lives in a commune with three other slackers in their late twenties. To cheer him up, his buddies get a brilliant idea. How about organizing a fakte audtion for a non-existing feature film? The role to be advertised will include all the qualities Glenn is looking for in a girl, and maybe he will find a new girlfriend during the audition rounds. Under the cover of making a film, the boys arrange fictitious casting sessions. After a series of unsuccessful auditions, they find Linda, a girl that Glenn falls for immediately. So much so that he offers her the part in order to be able to hang out with her. Not the smartest move ever. As a relationship starts developing between the two, questions arise. Like, when will shooting start? What's the budget like? Who will play the other roles? It all culminates when it turns out that Linda's mother is a wealthy investor who insists on providing capital for the production. To keep up appearances and to save what may potentially develop with Linda, Glenn and the boys have to start their production and actually make the film.
Made very clear in the opening scenes of the trailer is the fact that resemblances to Takashi Miike's Audition are 100% intentional. Also clear? The creators of Dead Snow and Manhunt do not take themselves seriously at all. Clearest of all? Peter Stormare looks fucking awesome riding on the back of a homemade dragon. Starpower!

You'll find the trailer below.

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MarsHottentotJune 10, 2011 11:53 AM

That looks like a great Hollywood movie. A million kroners this is remade in LA by 2014.