BREAKING: Ryan Gosling Joins Cast Of Nicolas Winding Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES

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BREAKING: Ryan Gosling Joins Cast Of Nicolas Winding Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES
We have it on very good authority that filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Valhalla Rising) is about to team up (once again) with lead actor Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine, The Notebook) for an indie thriller called Only God Forgives. (Their inaugural collaboration is called Drive, and you can see our Los Angeles Film Festival review of that movie right here.) Kristin Scott Thomas is already on board, and here's the brief synopsis we shared with you a little while back:

"Julian is on the run from the British police. He runs a Thai Boxing club in Bangkok which is a front for a drugs smuggling operation. He is well respected within the criminal underworld, but deep in his heart he feels that his life is lacking something. He meets a retired cop, The Angel of Vengeance, and finds out that he has to confront his mother."

Early word has indicated that Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans) was gearing up for this project, but whether Mr. Gosling is his co-star or his replacement has yet to be determined. Expect an early fall start date for Only God Forgives. After that you can expect Nicolas and Ryan to work together at least once more: they're remaking Logan's Run for Joel Silver and Warner Bros.
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coldesserJune 23, 2011 9:10 PM

Refn news are always great news.

Gosling and Refn must have really hit it off on Drive. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times they said that they were also planning on doing a comedy together written by Albert Brooks.

Drive has brought Refn one step closer to his ultimate dream: A Wonder Woman movie. If Logan's Run is a succes, I wouldn't be surprised if he manages to get the funding. I also wouldn't be surprised if he cast Gosling as Wonder Woman.

Todd BrownJune 23, 2011 10:13 PM

Variety have just picked up on this as well and are reporting that Gosling is replacing Evans. Evans apparently had to walk away when he was cast in The Hobbit.