SIFF 2011: The Fusion of FIlm and Gaming in the Pacific Northwest

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SIFF 2011: The Fusion of FIlm and Gaming in the Pacific Northwest

We already told you about the 37th Seattle International Film Festival--while you're there, you might also want to check out this gaming and filmmaking event going on over the weekend courtesy of Four Peaks:

Join us for a special session at SIFF as we welcome award-winning director Lynn Shelton and independent director, writer and producer Matt Vancil to share their first-hand insights on video and digital storytelling innovations today.

Hosted by Four Peaks, this salon will focus on learning from two leading storytellers whose work spans film, TV, digital and gaming. Questions will center on how the power of story can create new worlds online and offline, and the opportunity and ramifications this can have for the Pacific Northwest as a center for film and interactive entertainment.

This two-hour forum will also feature a live taping for Media Space TV hosted by Hanson Hosein, Director of the University of Washington's Master of Communications in Digital Media (MCDM) program, and be followed by a salon-style Q&A.

You can find further details here.

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