Listen up, Philly! It's your turn to go to hell for a good cause on Friday the 13th!

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Listen up, Philly! It's your turn to go to hell for a good cause on Friday the 13th!

PJAM flier 2.jpgYes, this post may be narcissistic self-promotion and even a bit redundant as this screening was already mentioned in the Splatter Matters press release posted nearly a month ago. But it's for a good cause and being a writer for ScreenAnarchy has its perks such as hawking my own event to help draw a bigger crowd.

So, I'm here to inform all of you in the city of brotherly love and those with friends and family here that Helldriver will be making its stop on the Splatter Matters tour this Friday at The Prince Music Theater.

But that's not all!

Although this is being held in conjunction with Rue Morgue's international charity tour, it is also the launch preview event for the Philadelphia Japanese Arts Matsuri, or what we like to call, PJAM!  Taking place July 7th through the 10th, PJAM will be a four day celebration of Japanese film, music, and art organized and curated by yours truly, Rob Buscher, co-founder of the Zipangu Fest in London, and Eric Bresler, founder of Tokyo No Records. We'll have more announcements to follow in the coming weeks.

For now, Friday the 13th isn't just a screening. We'll also be hosting popular J-rock bands Uzuhi and High Teen Boogie after the film and we'll be raffling off fantastic prizes courtesy of Synapse Films and Pink Eiga. This may just be the only charity event that rewards your generousity with copies of S&M Hunter and Whore Angels! 

Also, the venue does have a liquor license which means there's no need to be the creepy lush taking swigs from the magical flask tucked away into his pocket. We're actually encouraging people to get a bit lit. This is an entirely non-profit event; all proceeds benefit the Japanese Red Cross Society for Tsunami relief.

We're showing a crazy Japanese splatter comedy with Japanese punk bands at a friggin' opera house and tickets are only $15 at the door. If you're in the area and you don't come out, well, you'll just have to go to hell another time and it won't be nearly as much fun as it will be the 13th. Can you dig it?!

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