Finally! LOVE EXPOSURE Comes To U.S Shores (UPDATED)

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Finally! LOVE EXPOSURE Comes To U.S Shores (UPDATED)
[UPDATE: Incidentally Cinefamily is the U.S. Booker, so if you are, or know of a theater owner/manager who wants to book the film, please contact them.]

Sion Sono's mad, manic, gloriously crafted opus, Love Exposure is without a doubt one of our favorite films we've covered here at ScreenAnarchy over the last couple of years. It's played at a number of festivals, won some hefty awards, and been released on an English-friendly DVD in the UK, but has yet to screen outside of the festival circuit in the United States... Until now that is...

Olive Films has acquired distribution rights for the film, and from May 13th - 20th it runs at Cinefamily (Silent Movie Theatre) in Los Angeles. And while this is certainly great news, as of now there are no definitive plans to bring the film to other cities. This is a shame, a crime, blasphemy indeed. The four hour running time is clearly a turn off for many, but if you want to see this film in your city or town, there is now a far more definitive chance because of the distribution deal. The other thing to consider is that a successful run in LA will mean more cities, so LA area readers, please come out in full force if you want your friends in Austin, Seattle, DC, or Boston etc. to see this film too. Regardless, now is the time to contact Olive Films, (Cinefamily if you're a booker) and your local art houses and show them that people want to see Love Exposure on the big screen. It is quite an experience to say the least. Life changing even.

Our thanks to Hadrian Belove for bringing this to our attention.     
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