Hey UK! Catch Deodato's New Edit Of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST at CINE EXCESS V!

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Hey UK! Catch Deodato's New Edit Of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST at CINE EXCESS V!
The Cine Excess International Conference On Global Cult Film returns to the Odeon Covent Garden in London this year, with exclusive screenings, special guests and lively debate. Cine Excess V - Subverting the Senses: The Politics and Aesthetics of Excess (to give the event its full title) will welcome Ruggero Deodato and Franco Nero to discuss their work and careers, whilst  screening a number of their films.

Central to all this will be a new edit of Cannibal Holocaust put together by Deodato himself. The changes centre on the oft-discussed multiple (real) animal killings in the film, which Deodato has now toned down in a "21st Century Edit" version. If you're about to bemoan this meddling, then hold on one minute...

Shameless Screen Entertainment has also just submitted an uncut version of Cannibal Holocaust to the BBFC for DVD release which has been passed as 18 certificate with 15 seconds of cuts. These are to one scene only, the killing of the muskrat, which they still deem to be in breach of their guidelines in relation to the "cruel infliction of pain and terror". The other animal deaths have been passed uncut as they are quick, clean and inflict minimal suffering on the creatures in question. Compared to the nearly 6 minutes of cuts required in 2001, when it was last submitted in a full version, this is something of a result. There's a very detailed explanation of the cuts on the BBFC's site here which I urge anyone with more than a passing interest to read (massive spoiler alert!).

Agree or not with the ruling, it's certainly a landmark for this release in the UK and arguably for the BBFC's attitude toward such depictions in a broader sense. Deodato's new edit reportedly removes the sight of the animal killings but retains the 'fact' that they happened. It'll no doubt spark some healthy discussions...

Cine Excess V runs from 26th - 28th May  - you can find full details and book tickets here.

Shameless Screen Entertainment will be releasing both versions of Cannibal Holocaust later this year and you can keep up to date at Cult-Labs.

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arturoMay 12, 2011 8:57 PM

Wow the BBFC have grown bigger balls, i never thought that they will pass the turtle scene being hacked to bits uncut...Now all they have to do is reevaluate "A Serbian Film" and waive the many cuts that they made to that film...I'm amazed that the Americans have not remade Cannibal Holocaust yet, i'm sure it will happen one day, and they will fuck it up..