Trailer For Benjamin Heisenberg's THE ROBBER

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Trailer For Benjamin Heisenberg's THE ROBBER
Popping up on our radar back in the fall when Peter Gutierrez gave it an enthusiastic review from NYFF, and a month later Michael Guillen sat down with director Benjamin Heisenberg, The Robber is now getting a release stateside thanks to the people at Kino, and Apple has the trailer.

And while it's pretty typical trailer-fare the film itself has such an interesting set-up at its core that it could only be based on true events. And it is. Johann Kastenberger took life to the extreme both with his marathon runs and his serial bank robbing. Heisenberg's film looks to be equal parts a great character study and an unorthodox take on the action movie. Select cities (New York and LA presumably) get it starting April 29th.

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Kwenton BelletteApril 7, 2011 3:53 AM

Saw this at MIFF last year. It was OK.

Michael GuillenApril 7, 2011 12:09 PM

I certainly don't think it's a film for everyone. It's too tough and smart for that. Thanks for bringing it back up for attention, Ben.