THE NIGHT CREW Episode 3 - It's Magically Delicious!

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THE NIGHT CREW Episode 3 - It's Magically Delicious!
In their ongoing plight for world domination, like some crazy Hall Of Villains, Twitch/Fangoria/Dread Central staff have dropped another lovely warhead of explosive cinematic goodness onto the digital airwaves. Globally staffed with operatives literally all over the world, no place is safe from our dastardly reach.

Spearheaded by Twitch/Fangoria goofball Sean The Butcher (yep, that's me), and Fangoria/Dread Central hoser Thom Carnell, THE NIGHT CREW episode 3 features yet another ScreenAnarchy news breakdown by the inimitable and lovely lug Andrew Mack, a Monster Mash Party double feature breakdown by Heather Buckley and Gareth Jones (who can be read at Dread Central), another Wild Western installment from author Philip Nutman aka The World's Unlikeliest Cowboy, and Fangoria's own editor-in-chief Chris Alexander bends time to his will with his Movie Minute. Sean, Thom, and Mack also discuss what they have been watching, reading, and listening to over the past week.

The initial two installments, which are archived on the blog for those who haven't had the pleasure yet, featured Aussie action/exploitation director Brian Trenchard-Smith and I Spit On Your Grave director Steven R. Monroe, as well as the usual antics. This week The Crew take a breather and prepare for the massive onslaught coming.

Next week we are honored to be joined by Academy Award winning FX maestro Greg Nicotero of KNB for episode 4, and Twitchster James Marsh phones home with his wrap up of HKIFF coverage. The following week The Night Crew brings you a special Stake Land episode in celebration of Jim Mickle's wonderful vampire apocalypse film hitting VOD/screens finally! We will be joined by not only Mickle, but his partner in slime Nick Damici, as well as the entire cast. We'll also take a look at vampires in literature vs. film, and movies about neck biters that don't f-ing suck.

Other guests slated for tickling and abuse include Hollywood reporter extraordinaire David Del Valle, Two-Lane Blacktop director Monte Hellman, Nordic heavy metal gods Amon Amarth, FX legend Tom Savini, Basket Case director Frank Henenlotter, and some names that we can't quite reveal yet, but we gaurentee will blow your celluloid addled brain out the back of your head. We also plan on mind raping people like ScreenAnarchy head honcho Todd Brown, fest organizers like Mitch Davis (FantAsia) and Rachel Belofsky (Screamfest LA), as well as a plethora of other film figures, comic artists, musicians, and even the odd megafan. "Community and Content" is our mantra.

Our cast of contributors - Andrew Mack, James Marsh, Heather Buckley, Gareth Jones, Phil Nutman, Chris Alexander, Mars Homeworld, and Lee Gambin (all amazing genre journo's in their own right) - is ever expanding as well. Soon we will be bringing others into the fold, with new agents TBA joining The Crew from places like Hollywood, Sitges, and Melbourne.

Yep. We have big plans for your eardrums. Accept your fate before it destroys and click over to THE NIGHT CREW now, and join the seething and burgeoning mass!

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