Screen Gems picks up U.S. rights for Cornish's 'Attack the Block'

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Screen Gems picks up U.S. rights for Cornish's 'Attack the Block'

The Audience Award winner at SXSW was obviously well received by festival goers as well as critics but a concern about the South London accent mixed together wif whateva da yutes are sayyin deez dayyz had interested buyers hesitating to sign along the dotted line. Hell, I'm the last British passport carrying member of my family and I miss some of what they are saying but that would not have stopped me from seeing it. But I'm crazy like that. The average movie goer is not crazy like that. Dear lord let's hope not. 

Block follows a gang of tough inner-city kids who rob a young woman as she is walking home in a scary South London tower block. She escapes when the gang is attacked by a small alien creature which falls from the sky. A second wave of creatures falls, this time bigger and more savage with the gang, who being hunted by the woman and the police, becomes the city's unlikely heroes as the teen grab weapons, mount bikes, and set out to defend their turf. THR

Unlike the Weinsteins we can be happy that Screen Gems don't hate the English. I kid. I kid. But seriously, if you still want to see what you call an R Rated The King's Speech complete with the naughty bits we're still screening it up here in Canada. We call our version PG too. 
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Kwenton BelletteApril 7, 2011 3:55 AM

Awesome! Hope this comes to Australian shores soon!