First Trailer For Brazilian SciFi Comedy O HOMEM DO FUTURO

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First Trailer For Brazilian SciFi Comedy O HOMEM DO FUTURO
Is that a Timecrimes gag I spot in the first trailer for Brazilian time travel comedy O Homem Do Futuro? It certainly appears to be.

Like Nacho Vigalondo's film, this upcoming effort by Claudio Torres revolves around a man who travels back in time, meeting multiple instances of himself. But unlike Timecrimes this one appears to be an entirely lighthearted affair.

Here's a translation of the official synopsis:

Zero (Wagner Moura) is a brilliantscientist, but arrogant and unhappy.About to be fired, he decides to put into practice a new invention: aparticle accelerator. The experimentfails, but he accidentally travels back in time and gets another chance withHelen (Aline Moraes), a woman whorenounced the scientist andhumiliated him years before this trip .

Due for release in September the first trailer has just arrived online. Check it below.
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3midiApril 23, 2011 12:00 PM

Cant expect too much,knowing brazillian comedies. But you got to respect Wagner Moura (the actor playing "the man of the future" in the flick). He was also the main star in "Elite Squad" ( which won the Golden Bear in Berlin Festival 2008. The sequel ( is the greatest blockbuster in brazillian cinema, BEATING AVATAR's box office.

His caracter, "Capitão Nascimento" earned super-hero status in Brazil, making him the country's top actor; and now Moura was casted as the main villain in the new Neill Blomkamp's movie (