Full Trailer For Sabu's USAGI DROP

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Full Trailer For Sabu's USAGI DROP
[Previous post updated with full trailer.]

Though it's been a little while since Sabu - surely one of Japan's most distinctive film talents - has had the chance to direct from one of his own scripts the man keeps working and finding ways of putting his own unique spin on whatever material he is handed.

Up next from the director of Monday and Unlucky Monkey is Usagi Drop. Adapted from the manga by Yumi Unita the film stars Kenichi Matsuyama as a young man who decides to take in his grandfather's illegitimate daughter - a girl nobody knew existed until she turns up at his funeral - and raise her as his own despite having no prior experience with young children.

A full trailer has just joined the previous teaser  and while it's very much aiming for that sweet spot between cute and heartfelt it's also unmistakably the work of Sabu. All the running shots make that clear. It just wouldn't be a Sabu film without someone running somewhere.

Check the teaser below!
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