David Lynch + Interpol = I TOUCH A RED BUTTON MAN

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David Lynch + Interpol = I TOUCH A RED BUTTON MAN
Apparently David Lynch and Joy Division obsessed alt rockers Interpol - who I actually quite like - have got a bit of a mutual appreciation thing going on. Enough of one that the iconoclastic director and art rock hipsters - again, I like them, but it's undeniable - have been collaborating together on an unspecified string of projects, one of which has just recently had it's public debut.

The first fruit of the relationship between director and band turned up at Interpol's live performance at last week's Coachella Music Festival. Titled I Touch A Red Button Man it's an animated short film directed by Lynch which screened together with the band's live performance of their song Lights.

There are official summaries of the film floating around out there but as they are such pretentious twaddle - read: probably written by Interpol who, again, I really do like - that I'm going to leave them out and get straight to the good stuff.

Someone filmed it. Many people probably did but one of them posted it on YouTube, which will have to do until an official - and higher resolution - source comes along.
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