Dan Sachar Returns To The End Of The World With OVERTURE

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Dan Sachar Returns To The End Of The World With OVERTURE
There's something brewing in Israel right now, a new generation of filmmakers bringing a more commercial sensibility and love for genre film than that country has seen in the past. Audiences at Tribeca are getting a taste of that right now with slasher picture Rabies screening in the midnight program while there are a pair of competing Israeli zombie features in production now.

And one of the first names to emerge in this wave was Dan Sachar, a young director who burst out in the international genre festival circuit with an early film school project titled When It Will Be Silent. A post-apocalyptic picture shot on location in the blasted no-man's land between Israel and Jordan with a heavy Tarkovsky influence in the style, When It Will Be Silent won Sachar raves here at ScreenAnarchy and at festivals all around the globe.

Well, Sachar is finishing up film school now with one of the final hurdles being his thesis film. That film is titled Overture, it is now in post production and Sachar has just released a one minute teaser.

A lone survivor lost in a dying world, a man struggles to connect pieces from his daily scavenging routine and bits from his repressed memory. When a woman appears in his desolate forest world, she's intent on making him face his past and consequent fate.
So, again Sachar is working images of the end of the world, though this effort strikes a different tone than did his last. It's no less impressive, though. Take a look below.

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