The ATTACK THE BLOCK Trailer Is Killing Them! It's Killing Them!

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The ATTACK THE BLOCK Trailer Is Killing Them! It's Killing Them!

The particular genius of Shaun of the Dead was that it was a horror comedy that took both the horror and the comedy seriously. The funny bits were funny. The scary bits were scary. And it never, ever made fun of what needed to be kept serious. There were - and this is important - No Funny Zombies. To many people miss this bit when blending genres.

Well, Joe Cornish is now here doing the same thing with Attack The Block, though there are a few different genres in the mix.

A bit scifi, a bit action, a bit horror and a bit comedy, Cornish has got a lot of balls to keep in the air here and it looks like he's doing so rather well indeed, based on the first trailer. Though he comes by the Shaun of the Dead comparisons naturally - this is backed by the same producers, shares star Nick Frost, and Cornish is a long time friend / collaborator of Shaun director Edgar Wright and appeared in Shaun as a zombie - Cornish has clearly got his own thing going on here, his own style and his own voice. But he has clearly learned the lesson about letting the scary bits be scary and the funny bits funny and never the twain shall meet.

to which I say: Right. Fucking. On.

Attack The Block premieres at the SXSW Film Festival.
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