SXSW 2011: Short film 'Animal Control' will have American premiere.

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SXSW 2011: Short film 'Animal Control' will have American premiere.
Canadian short film Animal Control by Kire Papput will finally get around to making its American debut at SXSW after a solid festival run so far. We first caught the film at Tiff and Kire was good enough to field some questions from Todd at that time [see below]. Be sure not to miss it during any of the three screening times during SXSW. I've only just watched it myself and it is equal parts uncomfortable to watch at times and then it is also very touching. How can this be? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself, won't you. 

Animal Control is a chilling and touching film that observes a socially isolated taxidermist and animal services employee named Larry (played by Julian Richings, 'Hard Core Logo 1&2' 'Cube') whose job is to pick up road kill along the highway. With his only companions being the animals he's stuffed, Larry reaches a crossroads when he spots a dog, seemingly dead, just off the shoulder of the road. Lacking a canine in his menagerie, Larry is about to complete his collection when he discovers that the dog, "Sammy", is still alive. Sammy's arrival marks not only the beginning of a new relationship for Larry, but also the realization that animals should be preserved before they are dead, rather than after.

It screens at the Alamo South Lamar Sat. Mar. 12 @ 2pm, Mon. Mar. 14 @ 11am and Thurs. Mar. 17 @ 1:30pm! 
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