Santa Will Slay 'Em At Tribeca 2011. Complete Cinemania Lineup Announced, Plus Loads More.

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Santa Will Slay 'Em At Tribeca 2011. Complete Cinemania Lineup Announced, Plus Loads More.
The Tribeca Film Festival have just announced a stack more titles for the 2011 edition of the festival - including the complete midnight Cinemania lineup - and it's looking like one of the more intriguing editions of the big fest in ages.

In the main programs we get a doc about Ozzy Osbourne, appearances by Michael Winterbottom's fantastic Steve Coogan starring comedy The Trip and Tsui Hark's Detective Dee, Julien Leclerq's L'Assaut, Michael Rapaport's A Tribe Called Quest doc Beats Rhymes and Life and a host more.

On the genre front the Cinemania lineup looks strong, including the debut of Christopher Doyle lensed Japanese sex musical Underwater Love, Israeli slasher Rabies, trippy Canuck scifi Beyond The Black Rainbow, and Dutch Santa-slasher Sint.

Check the full lineup below and let us know what you're most excited about.


The Assault (L'assaut), directed by Julien Leclerq, written by Simon Moutairou and Julien Leclerq.

Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, directed by Michael Rapaport.
Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, directed by Dori Berinstein, written by Dori Berinstein and Adam Zucker.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (Di Renjie), directed by Tsui Hark.

Fire In Babylon, directed by Stevan Riley.

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, directed by Mike Fleiss and Mike Piscitelli.

The Good Doctor, directed by Lance Daly, written by John Enbom.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, directed and written by Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory.
The Guard, directed and written by John Michael McDonagh.
The Hideaways, directed by Agnès Merlet.

Higher Ground, directed by Vera Farmiga, written by Carolyn S. Briggs and Tim Metcalfe.

Janie Jones, directed and written by David M. Rosenthal.

Klitschko, directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt.

L'amour fou, directed by Pierre Thoretton.

Last Night, directed and written by Massy Tadjedin.

Let the Bullets Fly, directed by Jiang Wen.

Like Water, directed by Pablo Croce.
Limelight, directed by Billy Corben.
The Loving Story, directed Nancy Buirski.
Mama Africa, directed by Mika Kaurismäki, written by Mika Kaurismäki and Don Edkins.
A Matter of Taste, directed by Sally Rowe.
My Piece of the Pie (Ma part du gâteau), directed and written by Cédric Klapisch.

New York Says Thank You, directed by Scott Rettberg.

The Perfect Family, directed by Anne Renton, written by Claire V. Riley and Paula Goldberg.
Point Blank (A Bout Portant), directed by Fred Cavayé, written by Fred Cavayé and Guillaume Lemans.

Puncture, directed by Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen, written by Chris Lopata.
A Quiet Life (Una Vita Tranquilla), directed by Claudio Cupellini, written by Filippo Gravino, Guido Iuculano, Claudio Cupellini.

Renée, directed by Eric Drath.

Revenge of the Electric Car, directed by Chris Paine, written by P.G. Morgan and Chris Paine.
Roadie, directed by Michael Cuesta, written by Gerald Cuesta.

Shakespeare High, directed by Alex Rotaru

The Trip, directed by Michael Winterbottom.
When the Drum Is Beating, directed by Whitney Dow.

Beyond the Black Rainbow, directed and written by Panos Cosmatos.

The Bleeding House, directed and written by Philip Gelatt.

Grave Encounters, directed and written by The Vicious Brothers.

Neon Flesh (Carne de Neon), directed and written by Paco Cabezas.

Rabies (Kalevet), directed and written by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado.

Saint (Sint), directed and written by Dick Maas.

TROLLHUNTER (Trolljegeren), directed and written by André Øvredal.

Underwater Love (Onna no kappa), directed by Shinji Imaoka, written by Shinji Imaoka and Fumio Moriya.


The Bang Bang Club, directed and written by Steven Silver.

Everything Must Go, directed and written by Dan Rush.

2011 Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival:

Catching Hell, directed and written by Alex Gibney.

Fire In Babylon, directed by Stevan Riley.

Like Water, directed by Pablo Croce.

Marathon Boy, directed by Gemma Atwal.

Renée, directed by Eric Drath. (USA)

Splinters, directed by Adam Pesce.
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Ben UmsteadMarch 14, 2011 2:29 PM

You can bet your buns, Peter Gutierrez and I will be reviewing as much of this lineup (particularly the cinemania stuff) as we can. If schedule permits: Beyond The Black Rainbow, The Trip, A Good Old Fashioend Orgy...