Look out UK! The NORWEGIAN NINJA is coming!

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Look out UK! The NORWEGIAN NINJA is coming!
From the producer of awesome nazi-zombie flick Dead Snow, Thomas Cappelen Malling's Norwegian Ninja is a fun-packed homage to all manner of past genre films from Bond to old school kung-fu.

With a considerable cult following already it's hitting - and probably karate chopping - UK DVD on the 18th April through eOne.

You can find out more via Cult Labs here and check out the links below for lots more coverage from ScreenAnarchy.

Special Features include: Oddities and Bloopers; Home Alone With Otto; Interviews plus Fight Choreography, Music Video, Skycar and Torpedo featurettes; Bonus Scenes (Action Figures, Life On A Grassy Island, Wingsuits, Pyrotechnics).
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MisterChristianMarch 16, 2011 11:25 AM

eOne is also releasing Norwegian Ninja here in Canada, April 26.

KarlosMarch 16, 2011 4:42 PM

Can't wait for this - wonder why we're not getting it on Blu ray, though?