South African industrial metal + werewolves = horror you can tap your feet to

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South African industrial metal + werewolves = horror you can tap your feet to
The association with metal music and horror film has been a long standing one. Bands have been drawing inspiration from horror films for as long as Metal has been around. Case in point, the South African industrial metal band Terminatryx

Inspired by their love for horror films band members Sonja Ruppersberg and Paul Blom started their own festival in Capetown, South Africa. Last year Paul and Sonja made the promo video for the festival. 

In the promo Sonja plays a woman who 'finds an unmarked envelope on her doorstep containing an old Betamax tape. She digs an old player from her cupboard and views it. A full moon appears on screen - and things get hairy(!)' 

Which is a shame because Sonja looks rather nice in her industrial metal maiden duds. Thus began an unholy trident of werewolf goodness basking in the light of the full moon. Horror film festival promo begat music video VIRUS. Music video begat the short film MARKED. Both the music video and the short film debuted at their festival this previous October. And everyone will get to see the short on their production company's YouTube page; the cycle is almost complete the short film will feature soon we're told. You can find both the festival promo and the music video after the break! 

Say what you will about the music, it's not for everyone, but there is no denying the appeal of practical effects and good old fashioned werewolf makeup!

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FlamedropFebruary 14, 2011 3:13 AM

Thanks so much for the coverage Andrew!
It's hard enough making alternative music and movies here in South Africa with no budget and no time(!), let alone getting it to the world outside.
Keep up the great work.
>Paul & Sonja